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There are many reasons you may need your loft or cavity wall cleared, whether its failed or inadequate insulation, or any other debris causing you a problem we have the skills & experience needed to clear your loft, and extract rubble/other debris, amd insulation from cavity walls. Cavity clearances are done from the outside of the property, with minimal distruption to your home. Following our clearance you should expect any problems associated with the debris/failed insulation to clear up, and the loft/cavity will be suitable for new insulation to be installed if you wish.

Loft Clearance

No matter what you need clearing from your loft we can get the job done. Any type of failed or inadaquete insulation. Debris or rubble from a roof replacement or plumbing works, poorly fitted flooring, failed water proofing thats collapsed into the loft space. With our insulation extraction equipment we can even remove insulation materials such as blown fibre and vermiculite. We will leave you with a clear loft space, or you can ask us to:

  • Install new loft insulation

  • Fit a new loft hatch/access ladder

  • Lay flooring

  • Improve ventilation

  • Fit a light in the attic space

Remember, 25% of your homes heat is lost through the roof* we always recommend a new 270mm layer of loft insualtion once your loft is clear, which could save you up to £240 a year* on your heating costs.

*Source: – based on a gas heated home.

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Why Clear/Extract Loft/Cavity Wall Insulation?

Problems with loft insulation are far fewer than with failed cavity wall insulation, however, installing loft insulation into an unventilated loft space can cause problems with dampness or condensation in the roof (including the roof structure) and also cause condensation problems on your ceiling. Sometimes adding sufficient ventilation or moving the insulation back from the eves slightly can rectify these problems. We offer a full clearance and re-insulation service to ensure your home is protected from damp/condensation, and your kept warm.

Problems with cavity debris or failed cavity wall insulation can often be more serious. Having damp in your home after having cavity wall insulation installed 10, 15, 20 years ago doesn’t mean the insulation has failed or the installer didn’t complete the work to an adequate standard. There are numerous reasons that you now have a damp problem. Some of these include:

  • Wet insulation due to the wrong type of insulating material being used for your location

  • Insulation being installed to a property where the external walls aren’t weather proof

  • Wet insulation due to poor building maintenance follwoing installation

  • Rising damp from rubble/debris in the cavity due to poor construction

  • Water transfer from rubble/debris in the cavity following building work/window replacement

  • Damaged, or no Damp Proof Course

  • Damp Proof Course not a sufficient height above ground level (often a problem where decking or plant/flower beds are located immediently adjecent to the external walls)

There are many reasons houses with and without cavity wall insulation can suffer from damp problems, identifying the cause is our first step in rectifying the problem. Where the problem comes from either debris or failed/wet insulation, clearing the cavity/extracting the insulation is a vital part of restoring the effectiveness of the cavity, and dryness to the internal walls.